French Marketing Strategist

French Marketing Strategist, I work for start-ups and small-sized companies about their marketing issues such as positioning, SEA, SEM, Inbound…

In my blog you’ll find for instance some insight about the following questions:

How to engage ones audience? In the era of big data, the individual, over – solicited wants to be told a story, but not just any story, one that will really interest him

Does the constant arrival of new social networks put into question digital strategy? Should one be everywhere?

How to face the new mobile challenges? How to track and analyse on mobile? How to be cross channel and follow customers through mobile, PC and point of sales? How to leverage geolocation and effect real time?

You’re on your way to create your first website? What should you check before beginning?  What are the common mistakes? How does WorrdPress work? 

What is the “brand territory”? How to build up a clear message?

How should you be mobile, via a website or via an app?

Everybody talks about it, but what really is “marketing”? Is it the end of the technique/marketing war? What makes a good marketing plan?

How to generate leads?

How to do Content Marketing?


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